Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Digital Spaces Leave Creative Traces

As a society living in the information age we have gotten used to being surrounded by technology that is ever-changing and evolving. The impact that digital innovation has had on consumerism and convenience is insurmountable and is still advancing at a fast pace. Technology is not only a space within itself, it is also a means of production, a place of collaboration and source of inspiration. Some argue that technology has hindered creativity by making production so easily available to everybody. I believe that technology expands intellectual possibilities and by automating part of the creative process, we can in turn all be more productive and creative.

Creativity functions on intent, the intent to generate useful ideas through innovation. That being said, there are a multitude of creative digital spaces that have not only given individuals a platform to collaborate, but have also expounded on the possibilities of artistic creation. Technology in the current age plays a pivotal role both in how we think about things but also how we create. Technology has transformed the human experience because we are no longer separated by time and space, but rather part of an interconnected network of information. The digital revolution has brought about an immense amount of innovative products and services that are accessible by everyone.

Seemingly innocuous programs and platforms have allowed for creativity to flourish. Let me take you on a journey of what technological spaces have allowed for the cultivation of my creativity. Steve Jobs once said; “The best way to create value in the 21st century is to connect creativity with technology.” Something tells me he was on to something.

In my previous post PSjustwords I spoke to you guys about my first experience openly sharing my artwork and writing with my peers. This process I still find quite difficult at times, especially if what I'm sharing is extremely personal. What I have found to help in regards to shedding that nervous barrier is publishing my writing via Tumblr, a multi-media digital platform that acts as my low-key virtual journal. The best quality that this website and application has is the fact that its users are extremely art oriented. Whenever I feel the least bit uninspired I open up my Tumblr feed and I'm immediately bombarded with beautiful image after image, line after line of prose and posts filled with raw and honest emotion.

Creating artistic content sometimes becomes extremely time consuming and complex. As artists we are always attempting to push boundaries and create constantly, but some of the time our vision has to wait until we get our hands on a computer, luckily with everything behind the screen of our smartphones, creating has never been easier. Meet EasyTiger Apps, a company whose goal it is to promote creativity by creating moments...sound familiar?

My obsession with fonts and layout extends to my artwork, which is why these apps have opened numerous creative doors for me. I am constantly playing with different typeface as well as attempting to recreate them freehand. EasyTiger Apps has a few applications that have broadened my font horizon, these platforms not only have unique fonts built into them they also have image overlay and integration capabilities. These are my favorites;

  • FontCandy: Typography & Design
  • Fused: Photo Editor & Double Exposure Video Blender
  • SplitPic Pro: Photo Collage Editor
Made with FontCandy
Made with Fused
Made with Fused

Yes, I did opt to purchase the full version of each of these apps for the reason that the additional features really are worth the extra couple dollars. Your creativity will thank you, I promise.

Next, I want to touch upon Canva, a website that I found only about a year ago that has given me a simple platform to put together digital mediums into cohesive projects. The Adobe Suite is a complex digital world full of millions of options, buttons and ways to create a desired piece of work, Canva on the other had is similar to Photoshop or Indesign except simplified times a thousand. With plenty of templates for inspiration, Canva allows anyone to dabble with digital design. It has helped me out tremendously in completing projects without the headache that Adobe comes with. As I had mentioned in another one of my previous posts How Hospitality Helped My Creativity I mention that I began to dabble with digital design at my current job at a boutique hotel, I used Canva to add text to hotel imagery and edit together promotional flyers at ease. Although Adobe is vital to creating high quality work, this website can be used for supplemental design work because it gives its user a portable space with many helpful and useful design tools.
Made with Canva
Overall, digital tools have allowed for insurmountable growth in the amount of creativity that permeates our society. Now more than ever, everyone has the ability to express themselves and become an artist.

Keep on creating. xx
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